Mysterious fog
Croaking frog
Scratch of a roo
As the wind blew

Cuckoo the thief
Scribbly gum leaf
Fell of a twig
On a wild pig

Mango trees in blossom
Munched on by the possum
In the pond golden fish
Time to make a wish

Let us feel at peace
Honey from the bees
Collected for their hive
So the colony can thrive

A wishing well is rather clear
Place where coins disappear
Sturdy legs on a wobbly table
Tells me that it’s hardly stable

Surrounded by a world of issues
Trees provide the help of tissues
Hugs and smiles rarely given
For complacency be forgiven

May be blessed the odd and even
May it help us what we believe in
With a loving heart and solid mind
There is still hope for humankind

Blend in or not
Just care a jot


MIDNIGHT POETRY – “After The Rain”

AFTER THE RAIN The sky is blue again
Another opportunity to take a walk by the creek
With lorikeets and wild turkey chicks

Native bees flying to their hive
Paper bark tree standing tall in the sun
Fallen leaves make their mark on the ground

Did we make a positive mark on life today?
What a glorious chance to be on Earth

Flowers of yellow colors full of sweet nectar
Fungi size of a pizza plate contrast in green grass

Smell of rain drops and the forest under our feet
Make the most of each day as life can be so sweet

Taste its nectar!