Testimonials from readers of Hana Rubinstejnova’s books ‘Driven By Depression’ & ‘Driven By Kundalini’

“This book offers the reader many useful insights into depression and potential treatment of this widely spread condition. I found the personal stories of people in this book enriching.”

Karen White
Carer, Queensland

Karen White’s Testimonial for “Driven By Depression”

“Hana’s book is filled with useful facts and ideas for those struggling with depression. Hana’s writing is clear and this book is easy to follow. It includes lots of professional perspectives and will be helpful to anyone dealing with depression (or their loved ones). Thomas Hiatt’s practical suggestions prove true in my experience as well. I recommend this book.”

Tim Hallbom MSW
President, NLP and Coaching Institute, Inc.



Tim Hallbom’s Testimonial for ‘Driven By Depression’

“After reading the book “Driven By Kundalini” I sat saddened to hear that this woman had been through such an experience where those around her did not know how to support her fully and be with her during this awakening. This woman needed to know that there are people out there that can support her in understanding what is happening and give her the guidance that she so desperately needed. The Vipassana Meditation will give each person a different experience. This woman’s experience while meditating is not everyone’s experience. I know of many people who have done the Vipassana 10 day meditation and had wonderful things to say and have had massive benefits as well.”

Stacey Huish

Stacey Huish Testimonial for “Driven By Kundalini”