Hana Rubinstejnova

Time for a relaxing tea

Hana Rubinstejnova is a diploma certified Life coach, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, and Psychosomatic Therapist.

With life long interest in the area of optimal health and wellness Hana also studied Certificate of  Nutrition (Healthy Eating Principles).

Hana is also involved in the management of large health and sustainability conscious community group in Brisbane and organizing of private workshops.

A passionate writer and a published author of two books on her own Hana wrote a third book in cooperation with a co-author Katherine Steevens.

The titles of these books are:

Driven By Kundalini“,
Driven By Depression“,
Design Your Future and Create Your Dream Life

In 2009 a personal experience with what is called a serious ‘Mental Illness’ led Hana to become active in the area of breaking through stigma associated with mental health. Hana’s experience and story has been empowering others, being an example of recovery.

Always on a lookout to improve and grow, Hana’s passion in personal and spiritual growth led her to work with people such as Chris Howard, Tony Robbins, Tim Hallbom, George Faddoul, Joel Bauer, Ben Harvey, Robert Holden, Esther Hicks and numerous others. Hana just loves being around people who inspire her creative flow.

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