MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Life Of Farmers’

Until today I had no idea
Jobs of fruit farmers
So many tasks
Dawn till dusk

Went to pick Lychees
To help farmers friends
Harvest off old trees
The fruit on our knees

Hills covered in tangled bean
Climbing of tall trees
Then cutting the branches
Sight I have never seen

Chainsaw at hand
Buckets and big crates
Start just after sun rise
At breakfast was my end

The morning only started
My workout has been done
Cooling off in cold shower
I can’t say it was much fun

Farming since young years
The owners, our friends
Now in their later years
Still doing all by hands

Tough life of a farmer
Who always plays its luck
Will there be fruit this year
And eager buyer after quick buck

Stay agile my friends!
♡ and our appreciation for all farmers ♡


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