it has once been desired
by nobody else but a liar
for us to do what is required

no need to put on an attire
when we eventually retire
remnants white bones in fire

today is a chance to enquire
help lift out the veil higher
up from the earthy mire

brain pathways now rewire
get out that situation dire
common sense let defy her

once the truth transpire
old news begin to tire
resilience we acquire

it pays off to be a trier
when the rest still conspire
who they want to call sire

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boundless energy
when in the flow
like a tornado
feelings though

strong and fearless
living her esse
for many challenges
whole body yes

unexpected character
mysterious personality
two faces of the
same individuality

lost in fractured mind
let’s find the key
open the doorway
and let her be free

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MIDDAY POETRY -‘Just for you’

clarity awaits
on the right side
of the path

what is left
of tomorrow
utilize today

morning sun
ideas sparkle
all around

delay no more
the stars shine
just for you


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MORNING POETRY – ‘Internal Fire’

moving through the veins
blood with solid grains
memories of pains
consuming the brains

eagle in the sky
no tears to cry
find your why
stop living a lie

great internal fire
often burning higher
undress your desire
be oneness entire

end the silent war
you are so much more
find something to live for
lift up and soar

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