Books in paperback by Hana Rubinstejnova published in 2015.


Driven by Depression by Hana Rubinstejnova is uncovering an honest and personal factual account of life experiences of many individuals, who suffered or currently still deal with symptoms of depression, including a personal story of the author herself. It also includes variety of opinions about reasons for and recovery from depression by international health care professionals. At the end of the book is a list of specific resources for people looking for help with depression and suicide. This book is very different from other books on depression because it encompasses both, personal stories of variety of people from all walks of life, as well as views of qualified professionals who deal with depression in their work.

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Driven by Kundalini by Hana Rubinstejnova is uncovering an honest, detailed and very personal account of a powerful spiritual experience of the author herself during and after a 10 day silent meditation retreat. There are not many books written by people who had their own powerful and life changing experience with spontaneous Kundalini Awakening & Rising. This book is different from other books on this topic because it is a very indepth description of the whole experience itself and also of it’s after effects when the experience didn’t go ‘according to plan’. This book has been written to empower others and to shed so much needed light on this still rather mystical subject. Qualifications of the Author: Hana Rubinstejnova is qualified to write this book mainly by her own personal experience with Kundalini. Her professional qualifications: Certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer and Psychosomatic Therapist.

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