the type of food we chose to buy
correlates with our internal state
bright food enhances our heart

fresh food speaks of our self worth
if we go for fruits that are bruised or a bit off
we are guided by our personality shadows

we might think we are inclusive in our food
while unconsciously catering to our dark side
as our prevalent beliefs guide our actions

the variety of choices we make
when selecting what we consume
speaks of our internal emotional map

what we put inside our body forms
the structure and building blocks
of our very own cells

with an open mind and some conscious
awareness we can reshape our physicality
with new fresh liquid, pulp and energy

the key to improved cells
lies in our mindfulness
we need to learn to eat to live

rather than being dependent on flavor
look at the nutrients and benefits
of each mouthful of food

let’s take note of the natural kingdom
we are a bit detached and lost
in our ability to discern what matters

less dependency on taste of food
leads to more life to enjoy
now just to make that switch!


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