MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Incomplete’

Deep breath of mountain air
Cherish each moment
On the path of least resistance
Learn to trust that life is fair

Curvy contours of the hips
Solid pear shaped form
Designed by master sculptor
Telltale lines on the fingertips

What’s on the mind affects the shape
Focus for too long creates greater tension
Bad habits get done with in thirty days
Relax there is no need to escape

All comes to pass as snow in the heat
No regrets for past mistakes
As one learns that needed lesson
All is well and incomplete

Just wet your appetite
And jump in with both feet

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Few Broken Pegs’

Talk is cheap
Like a sheep
Guarded by a dog
In the head thick fog

No more plastic bags
On the line few broken pegs
TV never switched on
The grand delusion nearly gone

Vapor rising from a kettle
On mediocre hard to settle
Pour a cup of fresh hot brew
All the drama will be through

Smashed avo on rye toast
Staying put on the Coast
Imposter syndrome common ills
Everyone has a bag of skills

Crack the hardened shell
Come see the rising veil
Light shining inside
No place for fear to hide

Struck as if by lightning
Past hurts no more frightening
Weep at the hunched willow
All the worries in one pillow

Wipe the tears blow the nose
See the beauty of the Rose
Nature comforts our cries
Clouds move up in the skies

Wisdom comes in mundane tasks
Strip the ego of its masks
Happy time of inner child
Just sip along and smile

Live truly for a while.

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘That Forecast!’

Wind and darkness
Sleepless night ensured
Forecasted thunderstorm
Massive rain predicted

Rivers overflowing
Muddy banks
The forest still asleep
Five am wake up call
Pack the bags and go

Down the steep slopes
Regen not woken up yet
The only car for fifty km
Just before the sun rose

Once down that’s where
The wet started to show
Road diversions in place
River crossings filling up

One way into the unknown
Is it dry enough to pass?
Nervous smile with excitement
There is a lead car ahead

Shall keep up with them
No chance at that bullet speed
Flying through the waters
On the run or in a hurry

Heart rate up just as
The water in the creeks
No other car on that road
There we go diving alone

Is there more to come?
Or is the worst behind us
Now the race is up with
Our energy bars
Reaching close to zero

Escape from the rain
Chasing us around
Many hours later

The sky broke in half
More is on the way
Is here the right place
To stay dry and safe?

What is with this weather!
Pouring again
Stay safe and above the waters dear friends ♡


For years drinking soda pop
In the chair of the dentist
My jaw has dropped

Jab or two in the gum
Let me say it straight
I screamed out of my bum

At the end of his task
My face in the mirror
Received a fresh mask

White from after-pain
The drugs subsided
I now have more brain

With new motto
I mean to shop
No more soda pop!


MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Life With Nikola’

All the very best to Nikola
That is what we call our car
Our road the one less travelled
By the standards of society

The reason for the celebration
Driven over hundred thousand k’s
Mostly on the energy of the Sun
Last five years flew like a bird

Recharging our life force
Simple yet advanced
The tech way forward
For the safety of everyone

Step on the pedal
Only move a finger
Automation in operation
Jolt into the head rest

Rest and rest assured
The road rules followed
Arrive rested on long trips
The driver without a fatigue

Pile of choice in podcasts
Music genres of all sorts
Big entertainment screen
While charging and parked

Regenerative brakes last
For many more years
Nothing but tyres to fix
Toast to Nikola’s abilities

Many more years
Many happy journeys
Many more memories
Experiences of a lifetime

Keep on driving

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Resistance’

Yesterday you
Pushed my buttons
Drawing up resistance

Years long in the past
Rushed back to the light
Me being the child again

Having said what I did
Feelings and commotion
Overtook my body

Today with reflection I
Make some sense again
Out of this nonsense

Brain still attached
Please accept
My apology

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Being Fair’

Correct me if I err
Prove me if I’m wrong
Going about being fair
Makes us humans strong

Talk to your folks with respect
Love your neighbor and his cat
Ditch attitude of neglect
And stop what makes you fat

Until you get what you desired
At times you might go without
Focus on feeling its acquired
As if the future was no doubt

Feel it now!

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Subliminal Choices’

Blasted by subliminal ads
Without our knowledge
The media box does not care

Numbing us selling us junk
Without our conscious mind
Ever pinpointing that deceit

Deeper than the sound we hear
Piercing through our perception
Held by the gatekeeper of our mind

Become the master of your thoughts
By choosing your own medium

A doze of subliminal affirmations
Put on with due morality and care
Can create wonders to our life

Delivering on a promise of healing
No sweat or workout needed
Only repetition an essential component

Plug in our ears hear a little music
Slight shift in the consciousness
Suddenly we are awakened anew

Better for us all
Make a choice
To think for yourself

Banish the tele-box!
Wake up to Truth
Reality awaits you


MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Loss Of Identity’

Stress levels on the rise
Coping skills on decline
Without work for a while

Stability of the mind
Split into more parts
Losing my identity

Attachment to a job
A frame of reference
Giver of a personality

That known character
Always sticking with me
Career that did not last

Past my redundancy
Money quickly vanished
Who is that person now

Alarm clock went in the bin
Staring at me from the mirror
Someone I have never been

Newness of my search
The person I did not meet
Who now sleeps in my bed

Lose all ties to the past
Tell grief it is fired
Now totally useless

Once I discovered
The being called ‘me’
The unity of I

Reinventing oneself
The true adventure
Only just started


MIDDAY POETRY – ‘With Tenacity’

Holding on tenaciously
Grip strong and deep
Forming a solid structure

Under the disguise
Of serving the good
No intention of harm

Guided by the former
Situations and events
Past ruling the future

Make-up of our beliefs


Stop and observe
Greatest belle
In a woman

Appearance aside
Her heart beating
For the greatest love

Her attraction
Is her kindness
Soft and gentle

Voice of an angel
Her body a cathedral
Sharing its radiance

Warmth and strength
In her constitution
Empathy with all life

Master of her feelings
Merciful and forgiving
Shining from within

There is no greater
Beauty then inside
The one who loves

Herself first

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘The Follower’

Standing at a cross
Pebbles on the road
Digging into my soles

Looking out for a sign
Open fields and tall grass
As far as the eye can see

Shall not turn back now
Past has dissapeared
Only future in the ether

The wind picks up suddenly
Bringing seeds of change
On its broad shoulders

The dove appeared
Carrying a leaf of laurel
On its fluffy white wings

Released it at my feet
Hovered above the head
Softly touching my hair

Choosing to follow the dove
Wherever it takes me
I took it was my sign

The birdie took me places
I could not have imagined
Finding doors to my heart

Picking me up when I felt low
It chirpped about love and hope
When need be it comes with me

On the path I found love
That makes peace and doves
Free wild and intuitive

Walking on

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Vote For Me!’

Vote for me!
Prior to entry

Options seem too many
Who keeps true to their word
Who has the best teeth in smile

Posters put their best side forward
Seemingly for our interest
Most soon shed their snaky skin

Underneath wooden dolls
Strings strongly attached
Power lead hanging from above

Game of thrones on our streets
Fear and hope mixed in the box
Greed and Unity on the scales

Whatever happens afterwards
Is still up to our own making
Life keeps existing



Smelling freshly mowed lawn
Stargazing in darkness of the night
Sitting under an ancient fig

Everything flows like a raft
Encompassing all existence
Eden now too populated

God busy creating little angels
Good old pa still having a go
Gold lining on translucent clouds

Weather just right for full rainbow
Wisdom of an old man passed on
Winding down heaven’s window

Anytime now the wings shall grow
Angels fluffing their feathers
Anticipating landing on earth

Yesterday they were given flesh
Young and fresh by the manufacturer
Yawn, first breath and off they go

New generation
Of heavenly creation

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Many Teachers’

The rock taught me to be strong
The eagle taught me to fly high
The train taught me to carry my baggage

The fish taught me to be silent
The river taught me to be in the flow
The ocean taught me to respect

The sun taught me to be warm
The stars taught me to shine
The cuckoo made me mad

Every teacher isn’t a human
Every one of them makes a difference
Open your mind and observe

In awe

MORNING POETRY – ‘Triggered’

Like a shot sensation of anger
Spike of adrenaline on the rise
Blood preasure flaming hot

Impaled on a rod
Bursting with reactions
Heart beat at its peak

Rolling through the head
Stories of retaliation
Coupled with fear of loss

The spectacle of oneself
Suppressed traumas
Popping up like a fungi

Plant new seeds
Learn to grow
Harvest delish feelings

Tell new stories
Inside the head
Permanently change

Pool of fresh neurons

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Speeding Up’

On the loose feelings of sensitivity
Harbored in the belly until released
Butterfly transcended the caterpillar

Emerging beings of light
Seeping through the dark order
Time moves at a fairly swift speed

Energy for a new day assembled inside
Dreams and Sci-fi inhabit familiar space
Levitation the means from deep sleep

That which springs out from the dirt
Strong and buoyant no worry no shame
Rose petals full of vibrant color tones

Mystic in-formation


Indigo tinted morning skies
The Sun took personal leave
The rain has eased momentarily

Birds sing out the best of classic sonatas
After weeks of drumming droplets
Humidity stack to any metal surface

The soggy hole in the roof
Waiting to be explored
Stop this weather please
Wet and wild

Even fish is drowning


Signals flashing in my brain
What is this thing called pain
Very early morning musing
All my senses red of bruising

Slowly moving from the bed
Foggy thoughts in my head
Come on goodness let me heal
For this experience is surreal

This will also pass

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Under The Skin’

Under the skin there is fatty layer
For all our trouble Iet’s make a prayer
So many memories locked in the cells
Healing our egos with translucent gels

Too many sunburns in my youth
The surgeon tells me – Is it the truth
Time wasted getting tanned on the beach
Skinned to the bone soft like a peach

Chills down my spine from the sterile bed
For anesthetic potions I am now glad
Soothing music from the stereo player
Cuts through the skin to the deeper layer

Sharp move of the little steel knife
Clenching my jaws holding for life
Released my fears into white pillow
Chopped piece of me weighed like a kilo

The leftover me

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Bridge of Hope’

Standing atop a ridge
Buried alive living dead
Emotions are the bridge
Of our heart and our head

Stay put in the core of movement
Let the world roll off its track
Trust and believe in improvement
Create new life without lack

Trophies of internal battle
Make a stark chest decoration
Steady moving like a cattle
Not knowing their destination

Find new hope in flower buds
Open your eyes to natures love
Where is no water there are no floods
With Mighty presence right above

Let it pour…There is more

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘There Is No Hell’

Meaning to tell
There is no hell
Outside the mind
So let’s be kind

One would not be
Rather than me
Out of my mind
Indoors confined

Cold like the bones
Feel those over tones
Coming out of mud
From the last flood

Picture on the wall
Crochet floppy doll
Stale air in the lungs
Speaking in tongues

Brain cells starving
New pathways carving
TV drama hard to bear
Switch it off get off the chair

Wind in the woods
From our childhoods
Memories live in trees
Time can not freeze

The dose of happy daily news
Non-dairy cows singing their moo’s
Chirping of birds in big old trees
May we our life fully seize

Until it stops delivering

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Outside Feelings’

Hope is a good word to ponder
Having faith we see its wonder
Time gives lines to our brow
Our feelings on the outside grow

Returning to our inner child
When days and nights are rather wild
Digging deeper into the past
Any age has been a blast

Roller coaster ride or a rocking of a chair
Living through puberty didn’t seem too fair
Vigorous movement of our limbs
During those hours spent in the gyms

Weight seems to creep up past those years
Hidden by looser pants covering our fears
Emotional baggage locked inside our cells
Messing with free radicals into living hells

Slow and steady gets the worms
Resentment at life sets new norms
True meaning of life lost in translation
Enjoy the journey before the destination

Come together in this Uni-verse


Let your beaming smile glow
Reflect the light of the moon
Beat your heart slow
Until you find your tune

Walk out of the shopping mall
Live in organized fashion
Prop your back to the wall
Grab a book on compassion

Stay on your path, well of the road
Those who practice play the game
Reaching deeper into the code
Loving the past with no shame

Be on time wherever you go
Those who are late are often sorry
When their life changes its flow
Wishful they wrote their own story

Stop and smell the flower bud
Open to full spectrum blossom
Bring oxygen to your blood
Your soul will feel awesome

Like the bullet train on track
Speed of light crushed in an hour
Let the nature have your back
Slow down by an immense power

Rush to nowhere skip out running
Give your body deserved rest
Watch the sunset it is stunning
Stay off your mobile and be blessed

Dissolved In Infinitum

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Chasing Tumbleweed’

Chasing tumbleweed in the air
Posting on a wall that is not there
Lost the plot but found new friends
Always something starts or ends

Cosmic dust is hard to clean
Blue glare of the pc screen
Draws me in the dark of night
Internal conflict puts up a fight

Loose ends of my writing
Tied up and uniting
The core of the style
Might shake some bile

Honesty the virtue of choice
Speaks the little quiet voice
Fingertips that never lie
Till the digital ink runs dry

Invisible force through me flowing
Brain organ not in the knowing
Direct highway to higher source
Let it out or gut remorse

There are times with nuggets of gold
Other nights are long and cold
How to make the perfect rhyme
Design melodic moments in time

Under fingers words crumbled
On a treasure reader stumbled
Line of thought transferred quick
Witty essence in one click

Come on put it to the test
The book in you can be the best
Grip a pen or board of keys
This very moment try to seize

What’s on your mind what’s in your heart
Jot it down and start
Unravel the truth
Of You

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Spilled Beans’

Spilled beans make the best brew
Now we call covid what used to be flu
Stop and ponder why the name change
To make us feel danger, unprepared, strange

Scared of condition with marginal mortality
More horror happens on the roads with higher fatality
Stay a little longer and give this a second thought
For those who listen to the body the virus won’t be caught

Spare a thought on all the people who decided to wait
Rather then line up their arm in the drive through fate
After two shots and little bonus no guarantee is given still
Once our brain solves this puzzle what’s left is just the bill

Strong or weak so to speak this matter is not so hot
Until we all come to senses and realize the global plot
Who would have done us over and why nobody cares
If we all follow suit then nothing left of pulled out hairs

Stick out a little longer and let’s all make some waves
The time is past when people were made other’s slaves
Take a pen and stand out proud, do a little something brave
Feel the beating of your heart right until you hit the grave

Sprint into being


Mysterious fog
Croaking frog
Scratch of a roo
As the wind blew

Cuckoo the thief
Scribbly gum leaf
Fell of a twig
On a wild pig

Mango trees in blossom
Munched on by the possum
In the pond golden fish
Time to make a wish

Let us feel at peace
Honey from the bees
Collected for their hive
So the colony can thrive

A wishing well is rather clear
Place where coins disappear
Sturdy legs on a wobbly table
Tells me that it’s hardly stable

Surrounded by a world of issues
Trees provide the help of tissues
Hugs and smiles rarely given
For complacency be forgiven

May be blessed the odd and even
May it help us what we believe in
With a loving heart and solid mind
There is still hope for humankind

Blend in or not
Just care a jot

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘The Only Temple’

Before it disappears
Make the best of it
Until it vanishes
Use it fully

While you are in it
Do as you please
Whatever it takes
Until it breaks

One of a kind
Never mind the age
Unique as a stamp
Trust it will last

Come on now
Slow down a little
Who is chasing you
To the wooden box

Resist the temptation
To believe in decay
There is so much more
Only expect miracles

Love your body unconditionally
It’s the one temple you choose to be in
Please stay a little longer


MIDNIGHT POETRY – “Flooded Insight”

Rain bucketing down
The highway had drown
Water nonstop pouring
Downtown the river roaring

Time for some quiet time
Maybe you prefer crime
What is in main TV news
Flooded cities from drone views

Corona in right hand syringe in the left
Nobody aware of daylight theft
Eyes covered by the blanket dark
Knocking on our heads. Hark!

The silence was deafening to hear
Suddenly noise everywhere and fear
What a blast!
Trust me nothing can last

Chances are we wake up soon
The sun rises slowly until noon
Rivers go back to their bank
And we all learn it’s been a big prank

Played on us by the higher power
Cards on the table at wee hour
Who has the King of heart who is the Joker
Remember you took part in this funny Poker

All the money in the game now lost treasures
The love of our leaders only power pleasures
Until the day that we decide better
The sky above might prove even wetter

Crying for lack of our sensefulness

Stay dry and high

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘The Buzz of Silence’

Face colored by the rainbow
Bending to the summer ground
Piece of our soul found in the garden

Caterpillar on a fresh green leaf
Munching its way into a butterfly
Outdoors with crickets and cicadas

The buzz of silence in the countryside
City lost its charm in recent years
Kookaburra’s laugh welcomes the day

Beetles with a horn on their nose
Ticks larger than a wheat grain
Scorpios hiding under a fallen bark

Roos roaming freely in the wild
Mower machine chewing grass
Black cockatoos on the top of tall pine

Life seems simple and grounded
Flying above in the tumultuous sky
Clouds of worries hiding our cries

Run for rest
It’s all a test

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Not For Eternity’

If only we were wiser
If only it was easier
If only we knew ourselves
If only we remembered

Time to reflect and ponder
This life is still a wonder
The beauty shows in nature
There is no time to regret

Our land is being sold
Our rights are being shattered
Our hearts are getting cold
Our voice went undercover

From distance we march
From oppression to liberation
From TV obsession to freedom
From denial to the Truth

No tyranny can last eternity
No lies can survive transparency
No dependency is healthy
No bureaucracy is necessary

My voice may be small
My words can sound hollow
My dream is a picture of joy
My truth is worth to follow

You can loosen the grip
You can follow your truth
You still hold key to your reality
You are the one you are waiting for

Time to remember…

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Societal Ode’

With or without
The choice is out

Dropping the game
Not acting tame

Words on the tongue
By a glue clung

Stupid or wise
Hear children’s cries

Beast or a beauty
Stop being snooty

Nails in the coffin
Made by a boffin

At this dying rate
Soon to be one state

Once upon a time
Clean up this grime

Rubbing the smudge
Who can be the judge

Doors opened inside
Nobody to chide

One sudden blow
Same boat we row

Crush the great wall
Dividing us all

Spooky time ahead
Zombies live in dread

Be the difference
Pray for deliverance

Until we rejoice
We still have a voice

Pure breed or mixed
No need to get fixed

Immunity to it all
Let the Jokers fall

Oozing with slime
Freedom is no crime!

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘The Debt of One Day’

While she slept under a willow
Groundhog’s day graced her pillow

Morning dew on an open flower
Coffee cup to give her power

Slippers off and heels we go
Brush off dust from her ego

Do the hair and put on mask
Two faced tigress what a task

Pouring rain or blaring sun
Keeping fit while on the run

So much to win no way to quit
Sold her soul to make a quid

Owning nothing but her sorrow
In more life debt still tomorrow

Cuckoo clock on the hour
Locking her in the tallest tower

In the darkness of the night
Fighting her invisible fight

Shutting her lips waiting for a kiss
What if her prince gave it a miss

Empty purse and gold instead of heart
Don’t be a tart!

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘On A Different Note’

On a paper note
Shining in the dark
He stumbled upon in the park

Cheering now with joy
Ideas fly through his head
Prawns and booze he will get

Festive season upon us
As holidays proceed
It’s time for a decent feed

Prawns from a fish shop
Barbeque that hits the spot
After few drinks lost the plot

Dancing bare and singing
Covered in the midday breeze
Under a canopy of mature trees

Sleepy head and tired looks
He lays down by the table
No longer conscious or able

Woken by a gagging smell
Not much that could be said
Sound that resonates his head

Prawns no longer recognized
His hair in unorderly fashion
Fire alarm for his burning passion

Beep Beep with compassion

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘All Comes To Pass’

Show me what you got
Let us find the spot
For the booster shot

Solution to all disease
Selling us Hells keys
Let us breathe with ease

All you get is a shiver
Don’t step in the same river
Pay forward for a good liver

Temperature on the rise
‘Stay in bed’ said the wise
Shut the box no more lies

Heads spin from all the fear
Finger on a catapult Oh dear!
Nowhere to escape come here

Manifest your desire
From your belly fire
Don’t wait till you retire

Herd or a mass
All comes to pass
Like an empty gas

Future is in your hands
Asking you nicely no demands
Listen to your gut it understands

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Until We Reunite’

Leaving it all behind
Running shoes on
Escaping to the forest

Pathetic robotic society
Smothered with a dirty gag
Blinders on eyes

Locked into contracts
At the devil’s mercy
Shivers down the spine

Freedom buried in lyrics
Brain power sold to AI
Numb and cold hearts

Leaving during an operation
Half body rests in comma
Mind conscious and aware

Soul unconsciously wanders
Unconfined by space and time
Free from human worry

The strings of the marionette
Attached tightly from above
Nowhere to go so pucker up

Bang! The bubble has burst
Roundup sprayed into the eyes
Clear vision gradually reoccurs

The medicine woman
Returns to her roots
Tinctures and potions

With a swish of magic wand
Life moves forward in time
New beings emerge

Time to move on
Build new peace
Connect the lost

Until we reunite
Into the One

MIDNIGHT POETRY – “Turkey’s Delight”

Idly doodling and about life brooding
The cat has been fed the duck needs new bed
Movement of crisp air blowing through the door
Thanksgiving turkey almost on its last legs

The oven is hot and dry ready for this autumn high
Cranberries smashed for juice giving out silent clues
Pecans and pumpkin praised for a healthy choice
Sweetness and delight in the crust of the pie

The flickering candle lit in memory of the motionless bird
Bread pudding tastelessly smashed into its empty entrails
Now the oven is nicely hot ready to receive the visitor’s body
Table gets laid in anticipation by the hungry eyes of a carnivore

Blessed be our lifestyle choices when we listen to animal voices
Seeing past differences viewing the spec of life inside each being
Creations by the Grand Master breathing into each one sentient qualities
Conscious and aware our satiety provided for by plant life forms

Exhale and have a piece


Turkey’s delight

MORNING POETRY – ‘Morning Musings’

Lotus flowers above slimy mud
Flies resting on a big old stud
Reins in hands I charge ahead
Emerging from the darkness

Peaceful lilies sway in the moving air
Underground the worms don’t care
What will bring this day and night
Opportunities endless on the horizon

Silky scarf covering the autumn chill
Bare feet ensuring a grounded feel
Cosmic powder filling up the lungs
On the altar exotic fruits offerings

The powers to be standing by in silence
Aware and loving providing us guidance
The chirping birds the croaking frogs
Purpose of life revealed its essence

Mountains of possessions never enough
More more and more of this and that stuff
No satisfaction from the heap of new bills
The eternal flame burns inside our mind

Never ending story

Of Glory

MIDDAY POETRY – “Into The Rain”

Body of water larger than sea
For a little ant is a cup of tea
Stale breadcrumbs on the floor
Showing the path to the door

Straining my neck like a giraffe
Perched above having a laugh
Kookaburras on the branch
Singing their way into the lunch

Caterpillar munching on a mint plant
Unaware butterfly on the back of my hand
Lonely Cockatoo making screeching sound
It is a great joy to be here on the farm

Sing and dance as if nobody is watching

Because the rain


MIDNIGHT POETRY – “Raindrops of promise”

It has been a very steamy spring night
With a change of weather expected
The giant hails a distant possibility

Lightning switched on the nights’ spectacle
Thundering sky full of power and buzz
Raindrops finally arrive full of fresh promise

Relieved and fresh, new air to inhale
Frogs taking a bath inside the dam
Voice of nature awaken refreshed

The night sky now returned to darkness
Telling a tale of blossoming tomorrow
Stars peacefully listening in the clouds

Many beautiful moments ahead of us
As another day has been negotiated
The Sun comes back to welcome the day

With ease and grace bubbling up
Pent up energy from the Earth’s crust
Eruptions of lava and burning hot ashes

Smothering the whole soiled surface
While we have been in disbelief
Eyes covered by the dust storm



If it was by choice, my life would start something like this. Born in a country with no conflict, to a couple of loving parents; into financial secure environment, with enough food on the table each day. Born healthy and breathing. With bright and exciting future ahead. And that is exactly the choice I made and what was true for my arrival on my birthday.

All was good and well. The problems started to creep in later on.

My second teeth didn’t quite fit into my mouth and so I had to wear metal braces. That was a good reason for a few cruel children in my environment to laugh at me. As a result I stopped wearing them and my teeth did not fit. I endured name calling and started to hide my smile.

When I was 16, a group of us girlfriends took a day trip to a distant swimming pool. There we were joined by some boys of similar age group. One of the boys caught my eye. However, he was more interested in the other girls than me. At the end of the day, one of the boys made a prank and jumped into the swimming pool in my T shirt. To my surprise the boy I was interested in, Peter offered me his dry T shirt to wear so I could get home. I accepted. He also gave me his contact details (as this was in the time prior to mobile phones, it was a landline number).

The next day I called and arranged to return his T shirt. Naïve as I was, little did I realize that I would get more than I bargained for. Peter, as I learned, was a son of a Gynecologist. Ever so happy to get some more ‘hands on expertise’ in that area. At the end of that day, I left him more than his T’s. However, as naïve as I was, I did not trust that this would be a full blown relationship. After all, I was leaving for 2 months summer holidays to the other side of the country. Our relationship was quick and over.

Upon my return to the big city, I started to ‘escape’ it regularly. Every weekend I packed my sleeping bag and some cans of food and met with a similar group of army clothed people with guitars at the train station. Together we took the train and then hiked to some random place in the forest, where we would stay overnight under not much of a shelter.

It was known as ‘tramping’, which would be something like ‘wanderers’. As the English slang meaning of that word implies I did go from one relationship to another as well. While always thinking that I was really in love with that person. Only to find myself in another relationship 3 or so months later.

One day in those years I found myself sitting very high on a cliff, above the path where my then freshly ex-boyfriend left me with a new girl in lycra pants. I was fuming and hopeless. Ready to make a statement and jump. Falling for another man was my way of healing. I didn’t know any better, and I was lucky to stay without any health consequences.

The numbers grew and I was making conclusions about my love life. I will never have a long term relationship. There is no Mr Right for me on this planet.

Years passed and I had lived through them quite well. Working 2 to 3 years in the corporate world in Europe, then quitting and travelling overseas as a volunteer, then back to work and so on.

When I decided to abandon my already approved J1 visa to return to America in 2002 and instead to travel all the way to the other side of the world, to Australia, I arranged a visa for one year.
Little did I know that that one year would lead to completely new life, full of new up and down experiences.

The first year upon my arrival, I met my soulmate. Lovely man who is very different character to those I used to date before. I am forever grateful for that. I learned that life has its plans and ideas, and works in its own divine time.

In Europe and before my crush of identity in Australia I presented as a positive and strong personality. I had worked in accounts departments of several international corporations. My last role in Czech republic was working for 3 years in Accounts office of the British Embassy. I was on top of the world, especially with all the royalty treatments and receptions that were involved.

Then I took a plunge, quit and arrived with one backpack as a naïve student to Sydney. That it would be as hard I didn’t realize.

I was on a student visa, which allowed only 20 hours work. All the Accounts roles were full time and required local experience, which I did not have.

I rented a room in a family house with a separate little kitchen that only had a microwave oven. For 6 months my food was a microwaved porridge. Once I invited college friends for lunch and upon presenting them with what I had cooked in the microwave, they started to call me Bridget. As per the Bridget Jones’s Diary movie.

Few months passed. I stopped my pursuit of Accounts jobs, taking on a job as an assistant in a Sandwich bar. That gave me the fuller variety of food choices. Well, whatever ingredients went into a sandwich. Hospitality jobs provided what I needed. Food, money and some connections.

At first I was prepared to go back to my homeland at the end of my student visa. When I got together with my partner after six months of my arrival, it changed my perspective on the situation. We utilized our mutual sense for entrepreneurship through presented opportunities and it brought us closer together as well as provided us with some spare money to spend on travel. Whenever we could, we went exploring the country. Our student life was now bearable and even enjoyable.

Life went on and eventually I looked for and found a corporate Accounts job again. At the start of that I would work in two jobs at the same time. During office business hours, I would work in an office and weekends I worked in a local Café. Seven days a week for 3 months. Tired and exhausted I finally quit the hospitality work and focused on the office work alone.

To get a PR (permanent residency) was a good decision and an opportunity presented itself. From student visas through Business Visa Sponsorship and then Citizenship took years, lot of paperwork and a good hearted boss.

During that time I broke my heart. All was going well until one day life decided to test me. Another man came into my life. My heart was totally torn. I was a total mess for a good few years. At the brink of separating from my real soulmate! Just around that time the company I worked for made a merger and was relocating to another state. So I grabbed my soulmate and went with it, trusting in the best outcome.

Now, new life was starting for us in another Australian state. Wounds seemed to have mended and we moved on in life. All seemed to go well.

Until we attended a 10 days silent meditation retreat in 2009. Those days defined yet another turning point in my life, this time totally shuttering my world concept.

From November 2009 until 2018 I had been hospitalized over 10 times for periods between 3 days to 4 weeks. Most of that time cared for in the PICU. The traumas and harsh treatments that I went through are hard to put in words. I lost count of the total number of ECT’s (electro convulsive therapy aka shock treatments) practiced on me during my stays in the hospitals.

The sheer horror and mess I was in is indescribable. My family, especially my partner suffered in silence.
I went from being all well and seemingly put together to total loss of reality and human rights.

But after all … as Louise Hay would say: “All is well”.

And so it is.

My life is great overall, and getting better every day. I am very grateful for all the people who love and appreciate me at this Earth journey. My passion is to share my knowing and feelings in the form of the written word. My desire is to help to empower others and to wake people up from deep sleep to self realization. Life is beautiful. You are beautiful, just the way you are. Love and acceptance.

As it is by choice, my life is about: Learning to love and respect oneself. Learning to accept seeming imperfections in my past. Learning to be centered and calm in any situation. Learning to go with the flow and trust life. Learning to build back self-esteem and self-confidence. Learning to offer unconditional love to my loving life partner. Learning to be peaceful and relaxed. Learning to share my story and to empower others. Learning to be true to myself.

My affirmations:
Everything in my life is going well. I am feeling the blessings in my life. I am surrounded by people who love me. I love myself. I accept myself the way I am. I am cared for and safe.

I trust we all have a story. Mine may not be as empowering as yours.

I felt inspired to write my heart out. I now trust the process of life.

There is more to each of us than what is visible outside.

What is your story? Anything in mine that you could relate to?

Share in the comments if you are drawn to do so.

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘The One Who Dared’

Distracted to the raw bone
Past time on a mobile phone
What’s up what’s coming down
Mid age crisis of a wealthy town

Groups of people on their feet
Speaking their voice walk the street
Facing the narrative of the mass
Thousands of beings on the grass

Peaceful but with a boiling blood
Emotions pent up in the gut
Clogged up arteries now getting fit
Fast food chains covered with spit

Essentials like drugs smokes and wine
The game in which supermarkets shine
Little mum and dad’s shop on the brink
Extinction of the man who dares to think

Something bad stinks fishy and rotten
Power went to head of those who forgotten
The beauty of life in its former glory
To serve its people through love not gory

High fly the dove together with the wise owl

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘No Clown Circus’

Grinding my teeth
Holding my fists
Clenching my jaw
What is it worth

Having read news
Seeing what is there
Circus without a Clown
Erected its Chapito in our town

Those in charge of its promotion
Now highlighting skills of acrobats
Illusionists on the side of the podium
Mesmerizing all with sleight of hand

Many crafty tricks with magical tactics
Attendees bought tickets to the delusions
Shows suited only for the adult participant
Children not allowed pass the stall with ice

No red nosed Clown tripping on his feet
Makeup mess on their face with a painted smile
Behaving erratically like a Bull in a China shop
Clowns no longer invited to their own show

Sad sight at the end of the premiere
Sitting in their seats bewildered audience
Melted ice cream and popcorn filled belly
No emotions left brain stopped its function

Overrated performance due no refunds

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Sudden Shift’

It may be healing
For whatever feeling
To go to the forest
Breathe air at its best

Cookies and tea
Fell inside me
Turn a new leaf
No more beef

Walk or ride
Move with pride
No smelly fumes
Silence no booms

Crack of a dawn
My daily yawn
Instead of papers
Fresh flower vapors

Coffee forgotten brew
Kombucha with a dew
Clap my hands to chant
My diet now fully plant

Om and hum feel the beat
Lift your bum bare both feet
Rite of passage in middle age
Breaking the bond fleeing the cage

Touch of breeze on my face
Being gifted divine grace
Sudden shift from foggy mind
Walking gently and being kind

Now stop and breathe

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Tightly Shut’

What on Earth
Keeps me stuck
In my throat

Keep up be quick
Others can speak
Only my voice

Writing my feelings
Hidden behind
Curtains drawn tight

Sheepish grin
Facing the world

Nobody there
I am the one
Hurting no reason

When words appear
Under shallow breath
Who wants to hear

Undealt with emotions
Riddled by trauma
Incoherently spit out

Only my fingertips
Say how I feel
My mouth is tightly sealed

Puzzled self

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Bordered Reality’

What ever you say
What ever you do
Will not matter
When you are blue

Distance relations
Bordered reality
Masked faces
Random fatality

Could it be true
Weeds need a spray
Round up people
One left to pray

Sterile needle
Prick plays the part
With pride and joy
Jab without heart

Stay still or lie flat
There is Zombie in your bed

MORNING POETRY -“The sign of the time”

Morning glory writes a new story
Wrapped in a soft white haze
The night disappeared full of dreamy craze

Predigested soup of midnight news
Coupled with a lid an overflowing pot
At dawn we are fed new insane plot

The grown ups swept by a scenic battle
The throne is full of soft used tissues
The kingdom on their finest issues

Where there were neurons now neurotics
Fit for a purpose crumbling of the brain
Plastered by a sedative shot in the vein

What kind of humanity are we bringing up
Streets full of zombies covering their smile
With a loss of appetite to live for a while

Fire in the belly no brain in an empty head
Divine beings wings missing a feather
Tossing in a boiling pot united together

Collision with a sign


When all rivers run wild again
When sun rises in the wee small hours
When bread is baked from sour flours
When can we open eyes ours

On the approach of the age in the middle
On the roof sits a funny man with a fiddle
On the table cereals in a small round bowl
On the wall a cuckoo clock time piddle

The Minerva her soldiers confused
The observer who has been used
The rights of people plainly abused
The patience that has been tested

From the moon that shines white glow
From the groom to loving husband
From bare skin to a full chest grow
From innocence to maturity flow

Our unity has been breached
Our insanity has been reached
Our sterility has been preached
Our stability totally undermined

Who can we call to save our brain
Who is there to breakthrough our pain
Who has the power to change our mind
Who is the Savior going to reign

For timid mankind it could get worst
For greater happiness safety leaves first
For our clarity there is no thirst
For the nonsense bubble to burst

Chaos is the key

MORNING POETRY – ‘Trojan Horse’

Crescendo of innuendos
Reaching new heights
Breaking static noise

Sterile dish
Meal of no taste
Palms still in sink

Half covered face
Robbed of a smile
Stern looks in lieu

Unconscious and unaware
Trojan horse invited in
Blind trust in appearance

Diving in murky waters
Emaciated by fear
Sinking to the bottom

Rise! Make the sun rise again
Throw off the shackles
Break free and smile

Off the hook

MIDNIGHT POETRY-‘When Silence Screams’

Wind changed to breeze
All big bright ideas
Shaved into freeze

What could be worse
To travel not too far
On a wooden horse

Staring at the screen
Numbed by the system
Whip up the cream

Away from the mass
Pretending to live a life
Tucked away in grass

Many a day seldom a night
Tinned pelicans
Too heavy for a flight

In the backyard
Barbie on front lawn
House paid by card

Credit or debit
Visa the new Master
Love it and dread it

Quality of sleep
Half lost night
Rabbit hole too deep

Vivid imagery dreams
After a few shots
Only silence screams

Beep beep
Deafness of sound
Deep sleep