Medium Found!

I stumbled across Medium!
Are you familiar with Medium?
Am I the last one to find it?

After some reading and video watching
I have a miniature idea about its use
Would love to hear your thoughts

Do you write or read on it?
Is it worth your time?
Is it the next best thing
After fresh sourdough bread?

I got as far as creating my profile
And posted one article
Speak to me friends…


MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Newly Discovered’

safe not sorry, I write my story
sitting upright I feel quite alright
rhyming is not in anymore
I read somewhere tonight
when one tends to be a herbivore

so I scratch my head in disbelief
now I could not imagine
to become a writer of haiku
words pouring out too many a line

in meditation there is no time
let me get out of the controlling mind
and let the words write themselves
without further edit
let us see if
anyone actually read it


Thank you dear readers (and listeners) for your patience. It was brought to my attention that some of the audio readings of the poems were posted with an incorrect links. A tech issue I could say 🙂

This has now been rectified.

What I can tell you is that it has been a big learning curve for me. And still continues to be, as I do more of these recordings. It sure is interesting exercise for anyone, to hear your own voice, reading – in my case the poems. What we often don’t realize is how we sound to others, and then again how different our voice sounds on a recorder. A new dimension for sure. 😉

Well, enough for tonight. Just to say that if you wished to hear the poems on this site in my voice, many of them are now available (most for free). And if you feel like posting a comment on any of the poems, feel free to do so (gently please).

I wish you a beautiful sun filled day, wherever you are in the world.

We now have night here in Australia. So stay well and uplifted.




once we see the light we cannot unsee it
once we push through we find the way
once we dream big small dreams merge into one
once we get into the flow the river vanishes
once we see through the drama life becomes fresh
once we draw on strength we find more of it available
once we develop new senses we become a new being
once time disappears the once becomes now
and now what

Midnight Poetry – ‘Lost Friend’

been so long my friend
been so long

what a surprise
your morning message

your voice sounds the same
now as always

unexpected after that pause
i thought we had finished

long time ago
without a farewell

now a fresh start
to continue our journey

together again

Newly Added!

Dear Readers and Listeners,

Thank you so much for your ongoing support for this site. I acknowledge and appreciate your time and commitment to read, to like, to share and to comment on the writings posted here.

It has been a great love project of mine over those many years now and I get a great joy in your attention.

This time I’d like to bring to your attention a nice little inclusion on this site.

Some time ago I started to record poems, which I wrote, in an audio format. Lately, after some challenges, I managed to upload it to a Spotify account. Now with each new poem written here, I tend to post its audio version under the poem itself, for my faithful readers, listeners and Spotify subscribers.

Many of these audio poems are freely accessible, without any subscription. Those that will not play without subscription can be subscribed to on Spotify, if you would like to support and encourage my future endeavors.

Many thanks in advance.

And if you would like to have your voice heard, reading one (or many) of my poems, please contact me for details via the contact form.

Until we connect, have a blessed life.


Hana; Writer & Poet


it has once been desired
by nobody else but a liar
for us to do what is required

no need to put on an attire
when we eventually retire
remnants white bones in fire

today is a chance to enquire
help lift out the veil higher
up from the earthy mire

brain pathways now rewire
get out that situation dire
common sense let defy her

once the truth transpire
old news begin to tire
resilience we acquire

it pays off to be a trier
when the rest still conspire
who they want to call sire

Poem read by the author


i have been falling and falling all the time
the ground finally picked me in its arms
my color has changed greatly in the fall
i now transition into more shades of brown
when there is greater wind i learn to fly
now who can tell what am i

By a bonfire read by the author


the type of food we chose to buy
correlates with our internal state
bright food enhances our heart

fresh food speaks of our self worth
if we go for fruits that are bruised or a bit off
we are guided by our personality shadows

we might think we are inclusive in our food
while unconsciously catering to our dark side
as our prevalent beliefs guide our actions

the variety of choices we make
when selecting what we consume
speaks of our internal emotional map

what we put inside our body forms
the structure and building blocks
of our very own cells

with an open mind and some conscious
awareness we can reshape our physicality
with new fresh liquid, pulp and energy

the key to improved cells
lies in our mindfulness
we need to learn to eat to live

rather than being dependent on flavor
look at the nutrients and benefits
of each mouthful of food

let’s take note of the natural kingdom
we are a bit detached and lost
in our ability to discern what matters

less dependency on taste of food
leads to more life to enjoy
now just to make that switch!

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Perspective’

elevate your soul
from the gutters
into the skies

humans from that plane
tiny part of all existence
rise above the daily life

gain a fresh angle
soar above all challenges
see your life from high up

perspective of an eagle
sharpen your vision
focus on the good you have

already present in your days
where we focus our energy
life brings more of the same

Read by the author – for subscribers

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Happiness Ensues’

work and play
and also pray
happiness ensues

with a centered heart
create a piece of art
in the now your self lose

enter higher planes
where only love remains
broaden your views

inhale and let it go
with infinity in the flow
what enters the mind choose

connect to inner sight
embody white light
stop watching news

Read by the author


deep red mug of hot lemon water
inhaling the fresh aroma with each sip
missing a touch of honey

antique wooden table shows wear and tear
too many parties held around it
time to spend some money

chilly wind is picking up outside
in the land of ice and snow
the nose gets runny

listen to the sounds out the window
crickets break the sound of silence
wait for the day the sky is sunny

when new orange sunrise awakens
roos jumping in the falling snowflakes
what could be more funny

Read by the author – for subscribers


disappearing waistline
weight of extra pounds
restricted breathing
wheezing sounds

water in the kettle
boiled to drink
per wisdom of sages
makes ones belly shrink

armed by soft tissue
cells of squishy fat
cover years of abuse
one reason for that

search for solutions
slim shake that fails
give it a try and then
buy larger scales

Read by the author


boundless energy
when in the flow
like a tornado
feelings though

strong and fearless
living her esse
for many challenges
whole body yes

unexpected character
mysterious personality
two faces of the
same individuality

lost in fractured mind
let’s find the key
open the doorway
and let her be free

Read by the author

MORNING POETRY – ‘Your Future’

entire universe conspires
to bring forth your desires
only thing that is required
that you alignment acquire

get in a state of being
who you wish to be
color your future bright
miracles now foresee

every minor detail
bring in to the frame
in your minds eye
all desired claim

now as in the future
feel ecstasy grow
for time disappears
when emotions flow

firmly clutch the reins
live days in your dream
your vibe in this moment
brings on powers supreme

Read by the author

MIDDAY POETRY -‘Just for you’

clarity awaits
on the right side
of the path

what is left
of tomorrow
utilize today

morning sun
ideas sparkle
all around

delay no more
the stars shine
just for you


Poetry read by the author – for subscribers


cloudy skies
predicted rain
does it matter
that we have brain

strike of lightning
brightens the night
are we trained well
to use it quite right

within miles
light as the day
software from childhood
in years still at play

placid lake
hit by discharge
upgrade the computer
get back in charge

ripples on the surface
spreading across
fire that robot
be your new boss

Poem read by the author – for subscribers

MIDDAY POETRY -‘To Disclose’

running like the nose
writing kind of prose
aiming it at those
who are not too close

if the rhyming goes
it all nicely flows
the storyline shows
in short my life I suppose

my fingertips froze
by too many rows
let us not impose
the need to disclose

sheer beauty to compose
what’s hidden by the clothes
sand between the toes
feelings to expose

expectation grows
curiosity arose
the words I chose
transient like a Rose

now wait how it goes
who knows

Poem read by the male energy
Read by the author – by subscription only

MORNING POETRY – ‘Internal Fire’

moving through the veins
blood with solid grains
memories of pains
consuming the brains

eagle in the sky
no tears to cry
find your why
stop living a lie

great internal fire
often burning higher
undress your desire
be oneness entire

end the silent war
you are so much more
find something to live for
lift up and soar

Poem read by the author – for Spotify subscribers

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Meditative’

In your mind
One of a kind
Peace you can find

Stay still don’t move
Follow the groove
Until you improve

Occupy the space
That you sense
Of your face

Breathe in and out
Create new route
Remove all doubt

Sit within your body
Feeling like nobody
Filling the whole body

All the thoughts replace
Unity now embrace
Stop the constant chase

Be present now

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Magic Potion’

stubborn feeling
persistent emotion
needing healing
from a magic potion

stir the pot
mix it up
while its hot
pour in a cup

warm and smooth
steaming liquid
comes to soothe
breath restricted

find body balance
forget those many pills
on the bed or valance
only self love heals our ills

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Little Voice’

deeper truth
hard to surface
bubbling away
boiled over

nervous tic
holds the tongue
transmitter of sound

quietly comes
in the middle
of the night

story untold
missing pieces
in secrets

raised voice
inside the mind

mouth unmoved
head in inferno
burning down
old bridges

now it is time
to say out loud
words unspoken

beep beep

Poem read by the author – for subscribers

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘ Fresh Start’

bigger picture
macro zoom
heavenly gates
by invite only

one is chosen
to bring the message
of salvation
to the masses

soon to awaken
from deep coma
start fresh life
with new faith

faith in oneself
faith in grand design
faith in order of the universe
faith to be rekindled

clean slate

Poem read by the author

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Cushy Diet’

could it be called finicky
choosing food that has no face
frying bugs for lunch
saving the bum of human race

ice cubes on a plate
the vegan special best of all
zero fat and zilch of sugar
plus low cholesterol

wash it down with soda water
full of bubbles large and small
satiety in the belly
can it last from spring to fall

feed for livestock toasted oats
rainforests on the brink
those above in cushy seats
have no brain to think

Poem read by the author – for subscribers


on a palette
of the painter
red tint

when the answer is
there is the hint

words can harm
and other heal

what cannot be said
in the throat we seal

thick skin as a rhino
back with no spine

time smooths out all shards
broken glass only a sign

emotions running wild
smashed into thick spread

the outside encounter
still lives in the head

Poem read by the author

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Defined Time’

static noise
on the line
tells me
all is fine

on edge
smells divine

beads of color
precious gift
love shared
on a line

life purpose
full of
guided steps
taken by design

for some
its kids
for some its
glass of wine

there is no
right or wrong
a way that is

oneness in
the life story
of mine

Poem read by the author

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Jelly Beings’

constant movement
in the belly
butterflies on the rise

sitting around
doing not much
avoiding exercise

youtube addicted
seldom watching telly
ignorant or wise

a tall order
to be merry
with tears in the eyes

becoming too much
of a jelly
to stop would be wise

Poem read by the author

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Stagnant Feelings’

Coiled inside
Wrapped around
Stagnant feelings

Heavy clouds
Stick around
Stubborn mind

Mental note
Cut the cord!
Heal the scar

The tension eases
Each new breath
Feel supported

Freedom awaits
Embrace the unknown


Poem read by the author


A strike of greatness
Buzzing in the ears
Who can say
They have no fears

The first one will get the worm
And the last one likely the will
Where there is persistence
Mental chatter is overkill

Study and work hard
The boss will pay you well
They have grease on their elbows
And the soul to sell

Time will come
When all is healed
Even vanity
Will disappear

In tears of joy
High with the birds
Ecstatic dance
Lost for words


Poem read by the author – for subscribers

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Silly Laugh’

Hope is like a stick from cane
Little bit weak in a hurricane

Wide doorway leads underground
There treasures can be found

Mouth full of silly laugh
And heart split in half

The mundane life of a sand fly
Suck it up or die

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Life Of Farmers’

Until today I had no idea
Jobs of fruit farmers
So many tasks
Dawn till dusk

Went to pick Lychees
To help farmers friends
Harvest off old trees
The fruit on our knees

Hills covered in tangled bean
Climbing of tall trees
Then cutting the branches
Sight I have never seen

Chainsaw at hand
Buckets and big crates
Start just after sun rise
At breakfast was my end

The morning only started
My workout has been done
Cooling off in cold shower
I can’t say it was much fun

Farming since young years
The owners, our friends
Now in their later years
Still doing all by hands

Tough life of a farmer
Who always plays its luck
Will there be fruit this year
And eager buyer after quick buck

Stay agile my friends!
♡ and our appreciation for all farmers ♡

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘squeeze’

squeeze each element of the now to its infinite max

add a pause button to the ongoing movement of thought

shower each negative emotion with love

bring your essence to the bigger game of life

feel the clarity


Poem read by the author


getting physical
quick glance in the mirror
shivers down the spine

my chin has earned his double
my hair unruly and wild
years gone by without warning

youthful looks flew out the wind
the days of Twiggy over
new era of Michelin uninvited

yet my hopes are high
the fog on the mirror
hid undesired details

today more than ever
I look straight into my eyes
bowed into a shy smile

my heart comes up racing
inside the head a small voice
at first unsure and wavering

in the words of Louise Hay
it whispers words of self love
appreciation and forgiveness

worthiness replaces uncertainty
contentment makeups all imperfections
blended with warmth and joy

beauty is a state of mind


jelly mouse pad
under my wrist
life always has
a magic twist

straight up
into the source
align with the
hidden force

once we do see
what is there
we tend to realize
awareness is rare

jumpy thoughts
inside the head
breath of oxygen
dries words unsaid

camouflaged as safety
buried in the skin
trigger with a button
released from within

full of nothingness
motionless still mind
flow of connection
one of a kind

one with all life
in the same breath
until we reunite
connected in death

strip the ego
of its crown
the deeper truth
will come around



Dear reader,

Thank you for your ever present attention to the words expressed on these pages.

It is of a great value to me to see your likes, read your comments and be able to share my feelings through my poetry with such an international audience.

There is a lot of harbored feelings released and captured in the letters forming these poems. And I am sure you are able to feel that too when you read through them. It is my greatest joy to write and to birth those unexpressed sensations and see the words on the screen having a deeper meaning.

Now is the time that I wish to share my new midnight project with you. After about one and half years I have decided to collate and publish a second poetry book.

With great satisfaction I can announce that it is going through the printers, as we speak.

Those of you that found solace or inspiration in the poems on this site will be thrilled to know that all the poems previously unpublished will shortly be available as an A5 paperback book with 94 pages full of timeless poetry.

You can now PREORDER the paperback book(s) of poems through the contact us form below. In the body of the message, please write your intention with the book itself. Is it for you or a gift for someone?

And I would love to hear what you love most about my writing? Thank you.

Warmest Wishes, Hana

BOOK COST AUD 22 + postage.

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Dissolved I’

There you are
I am here
Unified through the love song

Past flowing into the future
Without boundaries
Fragmented memory

Fluid and unstoppable
Object of our attention
A moment in time

Stillness then movement
Bare and vulnerable
Breath of freshness

Dissolved I
Time out

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Bursting Open’

Flash of colors
Soft heavy fabric
Featherlike feel

Running nose yet stationary
Metal feeling on the tongue
Glass vial full of warm liquid

Sip through a cool straw
Bitterness the road to health
Escape in spotless linen

Stay under get a rest
Water levels reduced
Burning in fingertips

Eyelids too heavy to blink
Just a temporary feeling
Crushing on my body

Test to be passed
Lesson to be learned
Listening to be allowed

Step inside
Open the doors
Recharge the cells

Unblock the stream
Healing energy flow
Ready to burst

All over
Peace again
Lost & newly found

Back to life’s joys

MORNING POETRY – ‘Eaten Alive’

Studies have shown
It’s been a hoax
We have been conned
To swallow that scenario

Limited to confined space
Seldom breathing
The pressure all around
Succumb or be the loser

No obvious choice
Do what is ‘right’
Nothing else left
To decide

What defines the rightness
Conformity of society
Hard to overcome
Ingrained beliefs

March to the tune
Or jump the ship
Eaten alive by sharks
Ready to attack

Crunch the numbers
See through the illusion
Use what’s left from the brain
Wake up from the dream

Find the path home
Check with your intuition
The world is awaiting

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Incomplete’

Deep breath of mountain air
Cherish each moment
On the path of least resistance
Learn to trust that life is fair

Curvy contours of the hips
Solid pear shaped form
Designed by master sculptor
Telltale lines on the fingertips

What’s on the mind affects the shape
Focus for too long creates greater tension
Bad habits get done with in thirty days
Relax there is no need to escape

All comes to pass as snow in the heat
No regrets for past mistakes
As one learns that needed lesson
All is well and incomplete

Just wet your appetite
And jump in with both feet

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Few Broken Pegs’

Talk is cheap
Like a sheep
Guarded by a dog
In the head thick fog

No more plastic bags
On the line few broken pegs
TV never switched on
The grand delusion nearly gone

Vapor rising from a kettle
On mediocre hard to settle
Pour a cup of fresh hot brew
All the drama will be through

Smashed avo on rye toast
Staying put on the Coast
Imposter syndrome common ills
Everyone has a bag of skills

Crack the hardened shell
Come see the rising veil
Light shining inside
No place for fear to hide

Struck as if by lightning
Past hurts no more frightening
Weep at the hunched willow
All the worries in one pillow

Wipe the tears blow the nose
See the beauty of the Rose
Nature comforts our cries
Clouds move up in the skies

Wisdom comes in mundane tasks
Strip the ego of its masks
Happy time of inner child
Just sip along and smile

Live truly for a while.

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘That Forecast!’

Wind and darkness
Sleepless night ensured
Forecasted thunderstorm
Massive rain predicted

Rivers overflowing
Muddy banks
The forest still asleep
Five am wake up call
Pack the bags and go

Down the steep slopes
Regen not woken up yet
The only car for fifty km
Just before the sun rose

Once down that’s where
The wet started to show
Road diversions in place
River crossings filling up

One way into the unknown
Is it dry enough to pass?
Nervous smile with excitement
There is a lead car ahead

Shall keep up with them
No chance at that bullet speed
Flying through the waters
On the run or in a hurry

Heart rate up just as
The water in the creeks
No other car on that road
There we go diving alone

Is there more to come?
Or is the worst behind us
Now the race is up with
Our energy bars
Reaching close to zero

Escape from the rain
Chasing us around
Many hours later

The sky broke in half
More is on the way
Is here the right place
To stay dry and safe?

What is with this weather!
Pouring again
Stay safe and above the waters dear friends ♡


For years drinking soda pop
In the chair of the dentist
My jaw has dropped

Jab or two in the gum
Let me say it straight
I screamed out of my bum

At the end of his task
My face in the mirror
Received a fresh mask

White from after-pain
The drugs subsided
I now have more brain

With new motto
I mean to shop
No more soda pop!


Poem read by the author

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Life With Nikola’

All the very best to Nikola
That is what we call our car
Our road the one less travelled
By the standards of society

The reason for the celebration
Driven over hundred thousand k’s
Mostly on the energy of the Sun
Last five years flew like a bird

Recharging our life force
Simple yet advanced
The tech way forward
For the safety of everyone

Step on the pedal
Only move a finger
Automation in operation
Jolt into the head rest

Rest and rest assured
The road rules followed
Arrive rested on long trips
The driver without a fatigue

Pile of choice in podcasts
Music genres of all sorts
Big entertainment screen
While charging and parked

Regenerative brakes last
For many more years
Nothing but tyres to fix
Toast to Nikola’s abilities

Many more years
Many happy journeys
Many more memories
Experiences of a lifetime

Keep on driving