on a palette
of the painter
red tint

when the answer is
there is the hint

words can harm
and other heal

what cannot be said
in the throat we seal

thick skin as a rhino
back with no spine

time smooths out all shards
broken glass only a sign

emotions running wild
smashed into thick spread

the outside encounter
still lives in the head


MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Defined Time’

static noise
on the line
tells me
all is fine

on edge
smells divine

beads of color
precious gift
love shared
on a line

life purpose
full of
guided steps
taken by design

for some
its kids
for some its
glass of wine

there is no
right or wrong
a way that is

oneness in
the life story
of mine

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Jelly Beings’

constant movement
in the belly
butterflies on the rise

sitting around
doing not much
avoiding exercise

youtube addicted
seldom watching telly
ignorant or wise

a tall order
to be merry
with tears in the eyes

becoming too much
of a jelly
to stop would be wise