MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Awakened Beauty’

She was hidden
Behind a pile of rubbish
Until the discovery
Of its golden centre

As she dag deep
Her hair fell forward
Her hands felt the dirt
Of unresolved past

Fountain of pristine fluid
Washed away all the muck
Once again and forever
She felt fresh and new

Her hair smooth and shiny
Her face full of laughter
Plainly in sight
The well lived lines

Breaking inside
Walls shattering
Open space created
Freedom to breathe

Her pulse got back
Slowly catching breath
Emerging from deep sleep

Awakened beauty

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘The Cry From Straw bale’

Crying baby
In a straw bale
Side of donkey
Sheep and horse

Mum named Mary
Breastfeeding Josh
Kings in dresses
Show up uninvited

Holly Jesus
Unaware now
What a path
He has chosen

Gifts of Gold
Deadly Myrrh
Sacred Frankincense
For family to prosper

Who would have thought
Without a man’s doing
There appeared a baby
On the grounds of Bethlehem

Holly Jesus
Unaware now
What a path
He has chosen

Until he grows up
Out of step fathers nest
Loved by his mother
Protected from evil

Once the time is right
He will give his life
Bless his family
Leave behind his friends

No man on this Earth
Reached higher and deeper
His aura, breath of influence
Permeate all people

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Pirates of the Internal Seas’

Pirates of the Internal Seas

One eyed Captain steers the ship
On the open ocean
Lot of water passed him by
Since he started sailing

Crooked teeth in a wrinkled face
Smell of whiskey and tobacco
Emanates from his robe
His trimmed parrot flew to freedom

His one eye looks at the sea
Humpbacks make tall waves
Rocking the ship right and left
Making the lunch hard to swallow

The crew resting after the meal
Having finished all their jobs
Cards are on the wooden table
Game of life and death

The captain glimpses a submarine
Aiming in their direction
He beams with excitement
Something to conquer and hunt

Submerged in the ocean
The submarine feels no pressure
She can go down any moment
Into the depths of the waters

Who has the smarts to lead
Who is the Captain of their ship
And can he outrun the submarine?

MIDDAY POETRY – “Money Talk”

Money Talk

Turning ideas into action
Completes my satisfaction
When all is done and said
What counts is the money I get

Whether it be coins or notes
I accept and give my thanks
For what I put in is my time
Which never returns for a dime

What makes us fell so funny
When we need to ask for money
The greatest form of gratitude
Monetary value of magnitude

When it comes down to work
Who has the skills to fork
On a charitable mission
Your donations with permission

Money turns the world around
It gives us dirty feeling
As we rarely value our self
That is were lies true healing