Medium Found!

I stumbled across Medium!
Are you familiar with Medium?
Am I the last one to find it?

After some reading and video watching
I have a miniature idea about its use
Would love to hear your thoughts

Do you write or read on it?
Is it worth your time?
Is it the next best thing
After fresh sourdough bread?

I got as far as creating my profile
And posted one article
Speak to me friends…


MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Newly Discovered’

safe not sorry, I write my story
sitting upright I feel quite alright
rhyming is not in anymore
I read somewhere tonight
when one tends to be a herbivore

so I scratch my head in disbelief
now I could not imagine
to become a writer of haiku
words pouring out too many a line

in meditation there is no time
let me get out of the controlling mind
and let the words write themselves
without further edit
let us see if
anyone actually read it


Thank you dear readers (and listeners) for your patience. It was brought to my attention that some of the audio readings of the poems were posted with an incorrect links. A tech issue I could say 🙂

This has now been rectified.

What I can tell you is that it has been a big learning curve for me. And still continues to be, as I do more of these recordings. It sure is interesting exercise for anyone, to hear your own voice, reading – in my case the poems. What we often don’t realize is how we sound to others, and then again how different our voice sounds on a recorder. A new dimension for sure. 😉

Well, enough for tonight. Just to say that if you wished to hear the poems on this site in my voice, many of them are now available (most for free). And if you feel like posting a comment on any of the poems, feel free to do so (gently please).

I wish you a beautiful sun filled day, wherever you are in the world.

We now have night here in Australia. So stay well and uplifted.



Newly Added!

Dear Readers and Listeners,

Thank you so much for your ongoing support for this site. I acknowledge and appreciate your time and commitment to read, to like, to share and to comment on the writings posted here.

It has been a great love project of mine over those many years now and I get a great joy in your attention.

This time I’d like to bring to your attention a nice little inclusion on this site.

Some time ago I started to record poems, which I wrote, in an audio format. Lately, after some challenges, I managed to upload it to a Spotify account. Now with each new poem written here, I tend to post its audio version under the poem itself, for my faithful readers, listeners and Spotify subscribers.

Many of these audio poems are freely accessible, without any subscription. Those that will not play without subscription can be subscribed to on Spotify, if you would like to support and encourage my future endeavors.

Many thanks in advance.

And if you would like to have your voice heard, reading one (or many) of my poems, please contact me for details via the contact form.

Until we connect, have a blessed life.


Hana; Writer & Poet