MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Spilled Beans’

Spilled beans make the best brew
Now we call covid what used to be flu
Stop and ponder why the name change
To make us feel danger, unprepared, strange

Scared of condition with marginal mortality
More horror happens on the roads with higher fatality
Stay a little longer and give this a second thought
For those who listen to the body the virus won’t be caught

Spare a thought on all the people who decided to wait
Rather then line up their arm in the drive through fate
After two shots and little bonus no guarantee is given still
Once our brain solves this puzzle what’s left is just the bill

Strong or weak so to speak this matter is not so hot
Until we all come to senses and realize the global plot
Who would have done us over and why nobody cares
If we all follow suit then nothing left of pulled out hairs

Stick out a little longer and let’s all make some waves
The time is past when people were made other’s slaves
Take a pen and stand out proud, do a little something brave
Feel the beating of your heart right until you hit the grave

Sprint into being


MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Without Barriers’

Higher ground
Has been found
Step up the game
Don’t be tame

Holly Grail
Have no tail
Stand up tall
Hold your ball

Forget fame
It’s all the same
Getting old
Worried cold

Cracking the shell
Of human hell
On Earth or Stars
To death with wars

Virus or germ
All just a term
Hug and kiss
Give it a miss

Theories relative
To my narrative
Story untold
Flu and cold

In the heat of night
Kick in the fight
Dream of freedom
Wake up in a womb

Air for sale

Be quick!

MIDNIGHT POETRY – “After The Rain”

AFTER THE RAIN The sky is blue again
Another opportunity to take a walk by the creek
With lorikeets and wild turkey chicks

Native bees flying to their hive
Paper bark tree standing tall in the sun
Fallen leaves make their mark on the ground

Did we make a positive mark on life today?
What a glorious chance to be on Earth

Flowers of yellow colors full of sweet nectar
Fungi size of a pizza plate contrast in green grass

Smell of rain drops and the forest under our feet
Make the most of each day as life can be so sweet

Taste its nectar!

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Through The Wall’

Through the wall

New day comes
With a caveat
One must be alive
To experience it

New realities
New encounters
New freedom
New energy
New breath

Seeing through the wall
A torch beaming at the hole
Light passing through
Shining on the other side

Bright letters on the wall
‘Live your truth’
Come out of the darkness

There is more light inside
Such is the reality of ourselves
There is more light inside

The wall is just a veil
That awaits to be undone
As the cold stones crumble

The pile left at our feet
Speaks of the truths discovered
Uncovered mysteries

Shadow in the bright light
Takes on a new form
Being of no substance
Pure evaporated air

Queuing at the counter
The present moment uncertain
Memories taking us forward
Into the passing time

Time to reflect and
Enlighten any shadows