MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Many Teachers’

The rock taught me to be strong
The eagle taught me to fly high
The train taught me to carry my baggage

The fish taught me to be silent
The river taught me to be in the flow
The ocean taught me to respect

The sun taught me to be warm
The stars taught me to shine
The cuckoo made me mad

Every teacher isn’t a human
Every one of them makes a difference
Open your mind and observe

In awe


MIDDAY POETRY – ‘The Buzz of Silence’

Face colored by the rainbow
Bending to the summer ground
Piece of our soul found in the garden

Caterpillar on a fresh green leaf
Munching its way into a butterfly
Outdoors with crickets and cicadas

The buzz of silence in the countryside
City lost its charm in recent years
Kookaburra’s laugh welcomes the day

Beetles with a horn on their nose
Ticks larger than a wheat grain
Scorpios hiding under a fallen bark

Roos roaming freely in the wild
Mower machine chewing grass
Black cockatoos on the top of tall pine

Life seems simple and grounded
Flying above in the tumultuous sky
Clouds of worries hiding our cries

Run for rest
It’s all a test

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Not For Eternity’

If only we were wiser
If only it was easier
If only we knew ourselves
If only we remembered

Time to reflect and ponder
This life is still a wonder
The beauty shows in nature
There is no time to regret

Our land is being sold
Our rights are being shattered
Our hearts are getting cold
Our voice went undercover

From distance we march
From oppression to liberation
From TV obsession to freedom
From denial to the Truth

No tyranny can last eternity
No lies can survive transparency
No dependency is healthy
No bureaucracy is necessary

My voice may be small
My words can sound hollow
My dream is a picture of joy
My truth is worth to follow

You can loosen the grip
You can follow your truth
You still hold key to your reality
You are the one you are waiting for

Time to remember…

MIDDAY POETRY – “Into The Rain”

Body of water larger than sea
For a little ant is a cup of tea
Stale breadcrumbs on the floor
Showing the path to the door

Straining my neck like a giraffe
Perched above having a laugh
Kookaburras on the branch
Singing their way into the lunch

Caterpillar munching on a mint plant
Unaware butterfly on the back of my hand
Lonely Cockatoo making screeching sound
It is a great joy to be here on the farm

Sing and dance as if nobody is watching

Because the rain