MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Free Smiles at the Bar’


One who smiles a lot
Carries calm wrinkles
One who frowns often
Keeps a horseshoe face

One who needs Corona
To quench their thirst
One gets their dose of news
To satisfy their curious mind

The hook has been thrown
The shrimp is on the line
Drowning fish in the ocean
Suffocating for air

Nothing more than a bite
Food for some wild life for others
No eyes can see through
The tricks of the mind

Where do you turn
On the edge of the Earth
Your back towards the past
Future’s worst nightmare

Coming to age of maturity
Awakening of newborn Souls
Witch channels on the TV set
Proclaiming one marketed truth

One needs a lot of dope-amine
To sustain this life cycle
Without a razor and haircuts
Non essential castaways

Bleak enough forecast
Showers unforeseen
Rainbow lost its hue
Sun burned a hole inside my brain

Savior’s number scratched off the page
“Is it me you’re looking for?”
A soft voice responds to my cries
From the music box

Standing at the bar
Closed temporarily
Waiting for a takeaway
Shot of illusion of reality



MIDDAY POETRY – ‘The Cry From Straw bale’

Crying baby
In a straw bale
Side of donkey
Sheep and horse

Mum named Mary
Breastfeeding Josh
Kings in dresses
Show up uninvited

Holly Jesus
Unaware now
What a path
He has chosen

Gifts of Gold
Deadly Myrrh
Sacred Frankincense
For family to prosper

Who would have thought
Without a man’s doing
There appeared a baby
On the grounds of Bethlehem

Holly Jesus
Unaware now
What a path
He has chosen

Until he grows up
Out of step fathers nest
Loved by his mother
Protected from evil

Once the time is right
He will give his life
Bless his family
Leave behind his friends

No man on this Earth
Reached higher and deeper
His aura, breath of influence
Permeate all people