MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Speeding Up’

On the loose feelings of sensitivity
Harbored in the belly until released
Butterfly transcended the caterpillar

Emerging beings of light
Seeping through the dark order
Time moves at a fairly swift speed

Energy for a new day assembled inside
Dreams and Sci-fi inhabit familiar space
Levitation the means from deep sleep

That which springs out from the dirt
Strong and buoyant no worry no shame
Rose petals full of vibrant color tones

Mystic in-formation

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Bridge of Hope’

Standing atop a ridge
Buried alive living dead
Emotions are the bridge
Of our heart and our head

Stay put in the core of movement
Let the world roll off its track
Trust and believe in improvement
Create new life without lack

Trophies of internal battle
Make a stark chest decoration
Steady moving like a cattle
Not knowing their destination

Find new hope in flower buds
Open your eyes to natures love
Where is no water there are no floods
With Mighty presence right above

Let it pour…There is more

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘There Is No Hell’

Meaning to tell
There is no hell
Outside the mind
So let’s be kind

One would not be
Rather than me
Out of my mind
Indoors confined

Cold like the bones
Feel those over tones
Coming out of mud
From the last flood

Picture on the wall
Crochet floppy doll
Stale air in the lungs
Speaking in tongues

Brain cells starving
New pathways carving
TV drama hard to bear
Switch it off get off the chair

Wind in the woods
From our childhoods
Memories live in trees
Time can not freeze

The dose of happy daily news
Non-dairy cows singing their moo’s
Chirping of birds in big old trees
May we our life fully seize

Until it stops delivering

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Spilled Beans’

Spilled beans make the best brew
Now we call covid what used to be flu
Stop and ponder why the name change
To make us feel danger, unprepared, strange

Scared of condition with marginal mortality
More horror happens on the roads with higher fatality
Stay a little longer and give this a second thought
For those who listen to the body the virus won’t be caught

Spare a thought on all the people who decided to wait
Rather then line up their arm in the drive through fate
After two shots and little bonus no guarantee is given still
Once our brain solves this puzzle what’s left is just the bill

Strong or weak so to speak this matter is not so hot
Until we all come to senses and realize the global plot
Who would have done us over and why nobody cares
If we all follow suit then nothing left of pulled out hairs

Stick out a little longer and let’s all make some waves
The time is past when people were made other’s slaves
Take a pen and stand out proud, do a little something brave
Feel the beating of your heart right until you hit the grave

Sprint into being