MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Newly Discovered’

safe not sorry, I write my story
sitting upright I feel quite alright
rhyming is not in anymore
I read somewhere tonight
when one tends to be a herbivore

so I scratch my head in disbelief
now I could not imagine
to become a writer of haiku
words pouring out too many a line

in meditation there is no time
let me get out of the controlling mind
and let the words write themselves
without further edit
let us see if
anyone actually read it



once we see the light we cannot unsee it
once we push through we find the way
once we dream big small dreams merge into one
once we get into the flow the river vanishes
once we see through the drama life becomes fresh
once we draw on strength we find more of it available
once we develop new senses we become a new being
once time disappears the once becomes now
and now what

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘Perspective’

elevate your soul
from the gutters
into the skies

humans from that plane
tiny part of all existence
rise above the daily life

gain a fresh angle
soar above all challenges
see your life from high up

perspective of an eagle
sharpen your vision
focus on the good you have

already present in your days
where we focus our energy
life brings more of the same

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MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘Happiness Ensues’

work and play
and also pray
happiness ensues

with a centered heart
create a piece of art
in the now your self lose

enter higher planes
where only love remains
broaden your views

inhale and let it go
with infinity in the flow
what enters the mind choose

connect to inner sight
embody white light
stop watching news

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