MIDNIGHT POETRY – “Turkey’s Delight”

Idly doodling and about life brooding
The cat has been fed the duck needs new bed
Movement of crisp air blowing through the door
Thanksgiving turkey almost on its last legs

The oven is hot and dry ready for this autumn high
Cranberries smashed for juice giving out silent clues
Pecans and pumpkin praised for a healthy choice
Sweetness and delight in the crust of the pie

The flickering candle lit in memory of the motionless bird
Bread pudding tastelessly smashed into its empty entrails
Now the oven is nicely hot ready to receive the visitor’s body
Table gets laid in anticipation by the hungry eyes of a carnivore

Blessed be our lifestyle choices when we listen to animal voices
Seeing past differences viewing the spec of life inside each being
Creations by the Grand Master breathing into each one sentient qualities
Conscious and aware our satiety provided for by plant life forms

Exhale and have a piece


Turkey’s delight

MORNING POETRY – ‘Morning Musings’

Lotus flowers above slimy mud
Flies resting on a big old stud
Reins in hands I charge ahead
Emerging from the darkness

Peaceful lilies sway in the moving air
Underground the worms don’t care
What will bring this day and night
Opportunities endless on the horizon

Silky scarf covering the autumn chill
Bare feet ensuring a grounded feel
Cosmic powder filling up the lungs
On the altar exotic fruits offerings

The powers to be standing by in silence
Aware and loving providing us guidance
The chirping birds the croaking frogs
Purpose of life revealed its essence

Mountains of possessions never enough
More more and more of this and that stuff
No satisfaction from the heap of new bills
The eternal flame burns inside our mind

Never ending story

Of Glory

MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘The One Who Dared’

Distracted to the raw bone
Past time on a mobile phone
What’s up what’s coming down
Mid age crisis of a wealthy town

Groups of people on their feet
Speaking their voice walk the street
Facing the narrative of the mass
Thousands of beings on the grass

Peaceful but with a boiling blood
Emotions pent up in the gut
Clogged up arteries now getting fit
Fast food chains covered with spit

Essentials like drugs smokes and wine
The game in which supermarkets shine
Little mum and dad’s shop on the brink
Extinction of the man who dares to think

Something bad stinks fishy and rotten
Power went to head of those who forgotten
The beauty of life in its former glory
To serve its people through love not gory

High fly the dove together with the wise owl

MIDDAY POETRY – ‘No Clown Circus’

Grinding my teeth
Holding my fists
Clenching my jaw
What is it worth

Having read news
Seeing what is there
Circus without a Clown
Erected its Chapito in our town

Those in charge of its promotion
Now highlighting skills of acrobats
Illusionists on the side of the podium
Mesmerizing all with sleight of hand

Many crafty tricks with magical tactics
Attendees bought tickets to the delusions
Shows suited only for the adult participant
Children not allowed pass the stall with ice

No red nosed Clown tripping on his feet
Makeup mess on their face with a painted smile
Behaving erratically like a Bull in a China shop
Clowns no longer invited to their own show

Sad sight at the end of the premiere
Sitting in their seats bewildered audience
Melted ice cream and popcorn filled belly
No emotions left brain stopped its function

Overrated performance due no refunds