MIDNIGHT POETRY – ‘That Forecast!’

Wind and darkness
Sleepless night ensured
Forecasted thunderstorm
Massive rain predicted

Rivers overflowing
Muddy banks
The forest still asleep
Five am wake up call
Pack the bags and go

Down the steep slopes
Regen not woken up yet
The only car for fifty km
Just before the sun rose

Once down that’s where
The wet started to show
Road diversions in place
River crossings filling up

One way into the unknown
Is it dry enough to pass?
Nervous smile with excitement
There is a lead car ahead

Shall keep up with them
No chance at that bullet speed
Flying through the waters
On the run or in a hurry

Heart rate up just as
The water in the creeks
No other car on that road
There we go diving alone

Is there more to come?
Or is the worst behind us
Now the race is up with
Our energy bars
Reaching close to zero

Escape from the rain
Chasing us around
Many hours later

The sky broke in half
More is on the way
Is here the right place
To stay dry and safe?

What is with this weather!
Pouring again
Stay safe and above the waters dear friends ♡



Indigo tinted morning skies
The Sun took personal leave
The rain has eased momentarily

Birds sing out the best of classic sonatas
After weeks of drumming droplets
Humidity stack to any metal surface

The soggy hole in the roof
Waiting to be explored
Stop this weather please
Wet and wild

Even fish is drowning

MIDNIGHT POETRY – “Flooded Insight”

Rain bucketing down
The highway had drown
Water nonstop pouring
Downtown the river roaring

Time for some quiet time
Maybe you prefer crime
What is in main TV news
Flooded cities from drone views

Corona in right hand syringe in the left
Nobody aware of daylight theft
Eyes covered by the blanket dark
Knocking on our heads. Hark!

The silence was deafening to hear
Suddenly noise everywhere and fear
What a blast!
Trust me nothing can last

Chances are we wake up soon
The sun rises slowly until noon
Rivers go back to their bank
And we all learn it’s been a big prank

Played on us by the higher power
Cards on the table at wee hour
Who has the King of heart who is the Joker
Remember you took part in this funny Poker

All the money in the game now lost treasures
The love of our leaders only power pleasures
Until the day that we decide better
The sky above might prove even wetter

Crying for lack of our sensefulness

Stay dry and high

MIDNIGHT POETRY – “Raindrops of promise”

It has been a very steamy spring night
With a change of weather expected
The giant hails a distant possibility

Lightning switched on the nights’ spectacle
Thundering sky full of power and buzz
Raindrops finally arrive full of fresh promise

Relieved and fresh, new air to inhale
Frogs taking a bath inside the dam
Voice of nature awaken refreshed

The night sky now returned to darkness
Telling a tale of blossoming tomorrow
Stars peacefully listening in the clouds

Many beautiful moments ahead of us
As another day has been negotiated
The Sun comes back to welcome the day

With ease and grace bubbling up
Pent up energy from the Earth’s crust
Eruptions of lava and burning hot ashes

Smothering the whole soiled surface
While we have been in disbelief
Eyes covered by the dust storm