ChildFree/Kids Free by Choice

This surely took me by surprise. Until I decided to create a community group for women who don’t have kids, I lived unaware. Unaware of all the issues and differences between women, who for whatever reason could not have children and those, who made that decision quite early on in their life and stuck with it.

My first attempt in creating of the group was to bring together women who don’t have children (or whose children already left homes) and therefore who would be interested in other topics that those relating to diapers, schools, homework etc.

How amazed I was after several meetings with some of our group members. The issues between the different groups of women started to slowly creep in. Some of these were obvious and some I learned later on in emails that I got from some members.

Some of the women, who did not have children by circumstance, were at times feeling still rather sensitive about the topic and the strength of opinions expressed by some women, who chose to not have kids. On the other hand, women who chose not have children felt little bit uneasy as to what they could say in front of the other part of the group.

Well, so I was presented with a question to redefine the purpose of the group and its target audience.

This I did. So far I’m very happy with the outcome. Our target audience are women, who either decided not to have children or who could not have them, yet are now ok about it.

If you are interested to find out more about our community group called

Kids Free Women In Brisbane‘ visit:

And if you are from another city/state/country, I encourage you to set up your own community group for women without children.

Let’s share, empower, encourage, support one another and form new friendships.

Have a magical life.




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