Well, firstly what I mean is the mask of make-up and all the other chemical substances that mainly women put on their face. And then there is the other mask…the one we don’t wear on our face, yet it’s visible in our life in other ways. It’s the invisible mask of unauthentic living.

So, let’s have a look at why we tend to wear these masks at all.

Let’s gather some common reasons:

  • we feel better
  • we look better
  • we look put together
  • we look presentable
  • we might look healthier
  • we might look younger

Now, whether the above reasons are really a reflection of reality or not, is another story.

What do these reasons actually mean? I will share with you my own findings.

Feel free to expand on this topic in the comment box.

Why we tend to feel better with the mask?

The image that we hold about ourselves inside our mind is skewed and reflects our upbringing and belief around self-worth. We tend to try to measure up to our ideal image of how we ‘should’ look. Most of us often feel imperfect as we are (who got this into our heads, right?). To create a bridge between the ideal image of the self and the perceived image that we hold inside, we often tend to succumb to the peer and cultural norm to do something about it.

Well, is makeup the best way to cover our perceived imperfections?

I say no. In my view, makeup is a poor tool to bridge the imaginary gap.

There is a more health conscious way how to do that.

When we stop looking down at our differences and unique features, we start to discover self-love and feeling of self-worth.

There is never enough compliments to supplement for self hate!

The way to beautiful face and body is self love in the first place. That is the best way to stay youthful and beautiful both inside and out. And if you think that beauty is what you see in those photo-shopped magazines, than you are mistaken. There is a unique beauty in everything that is created by nature.

Learn to appreciate your wrinkles, because they speak words of life experiences and emotions. Learn to appreciate your scars, because they speak about your story with overcoming challenges. Learn to love your face as much as you say you love someone else. Be gentle with yourself. Stay true to yourself and be who you truly are. Within and without.


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