Do you have a strong conviction about something? Does this belief structure define who you are? Or are you able to see beyond your collective beliefs, to the core of who you truly are? Is there possibly more to you than the sum of what you believe in?

Ponder about this.

We can be swept by a strong belief in something outside of us, that we believe is TRUE. Whether it is belief in the concept of flat Earth, or that there are ‘THEY’ who control our lives, or that we are just a product of our society and environment and perhaps some genes; or that if something isn’t done now, we will starve to death, as there is now too many people on our planet and not enough resources for all of us (the belief in scarcity).

The thing is, that these and all the other beliefs we might hold, are JUST beliefs. However, when we live our live guided and under the influence of these beliefs, WE PROVE THEM to be correct.

So my point is….are we individually choosing the beliefs that are serving us, or those that make us fearful and depressed?

It’s a conscious choice. Once we realize, that our beliefs are only THOUGHTS THAT WE KEEP THINKING LONG ENOUGH, UNTIL THEY TURN INTO BELIEFS we can decide to either keep those beliefs that we find beneficial for our development, and find new ones, that might more accurately reflect who we want to be and what we want to experience.

What we call reality is just a reflection of our perception. There is no such a thing as ONE REALITY for all of us. Even take two people (go as far as twins) living in the same space, and each one of them has a completely different perception of life and the world they live in.

So remember to choose your beliefs wisely as they define what we experience (RATHER THAN WHO WE ARE).


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