MIDNIGHT POETRY – “Flooded Insight”

Rain bucketing down
The highway had drown
Water nonstop pouring
Downtown the river roaring

Time for some quiet time
Maybe you prefer crime
What is in main TV news
Flooded cities from drone views

Corona in right hand syringe in the left
Nobody aware of daylight theft
Eyes covered by the blanket dark
Knocking on our heads. Hark!

The silence was deafening to hear
Suddenly noise everywhere and fear
What a blast!
Trust me nothing can last

Chances are we wake up soon
The sun rises slowly until noon
Rivers go back to their bank
And we all learn it’s been a big prank

Played on us by the higher power
Cards on the table at wee hour
Who has the King of heart who is the Joker
Remember you took part in this funny Poker

All the money in the game now lost treasures
The love of our leaders only power pleasures
Until the day that we decide better
The sky above might prove even wetter

Crying for lack of our sensefulness

Stay dry and high


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