Exposed Bare. Mentally Ill Or Awaking?

This time I decided to share something very different with you all.  Now this is a very personal video that I was nudged to share with the world after ‘hiding it’ in the closet for over 9 months.

To give you a bit of a scenery….This video was recorded by me on 1 January 2017. The next day I admitted myself to hospital.

Leaving the rest to your imagination…

Now, if you have watched the  video I would be glad if you posted a comment. I would like to learn about your responses.

Love & healing to you and your loved ones.






2 thoughts on “Exposed Bare. Mentally Ill Or Awaking?

  1. Josefine Sprenger says:

    I hear you and I don’t at the same time. I get you and I don’t. I share with you a lot of thoughts and we have a lot in common … at the same time we don’t.
    I congratulate you to this video. You made me think (thanks for adding more mess to my head :o) )

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